A story of two brothers who set out to salvage the past and end up fighting to save the future.


70 percent of the world’s landmass has been lost to ‘The Rising’ and are now under water. 40 years after the cumulative effects of global warming, we enter into Earth’s new reality that will set the tone of Lost City Raiders:


Major costal cities were lost or partially submerged, leaving the upper half of New York’s Statue of Liberty as the only visible remains, L.A.’s Hollywood sign – barely rising above the sea’s horizon, Paris’ Eiffel Tower half-drowned and Rio’s Sugar Loaf Mountain a mere hill sitting in the sea.


Sent on a mission by the Vatican, our heroes set out to ensure that what’s left of our world will not be lost as well. On the hunt for an ancient artefact that may be able to control the water levels, they must battle the elements and a ruthless manipulator who wants it to control ‘The Rising’ and therefore the world.


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